We carry out preventative conservation actions which may include:

  • Inventory;
  • Creation of inventory systems;
  • Historical research;
  • Documental photographic record;
  • Preservation status assessment;
  • Risk assessment and management;
  • Packaging for transportation;
  • Transportation of cultural goods;
  • Assembly or optimization of museum reserve spaces;
  • Environmental control proposals and actions;
  • Sanitation of museum reserve spaces;
  • Integrated pest management which may include disinfestation actions;
  • Sanitation of collections;
  • Packaging in reserve;
  • Packaging on display;
  • Temporary custody of goods;
  • Creation of a preventive conservation plan.
  • Training actions on preventive conservation.

We favor the use of ecological materials and techniques in our collection management actions.

All our interventions are accompanied by graphic record; photographic and final technical report.