Casa dos Amigos do Minho Building

Project: Conservation and Restoration Intervention of the Casa dos Amigos do Minho Building Facade

Year: 2014

Location: Lisbon

Background: Building no. 244 at Rua do Benformoso in Lisbon

Description: Nineteenth century building with a façade lined with polychrome tiles, in one of the rarest tile patterns of the twentieth century, in the city of Lisbon, existing in only 3 buildings. Balustrade trim topped by glazed ceramic pine cones set in cornice and full arch spans with masonry frame.

Intervention: Conservation and restoration intervention of the façade that included the review of stormwater runoff systems; masonry treatment and treatment of ceramic elements and coatings that included full tiles panel lifting for integral renovation of support renders.

Duration: 3 months

Team: 8 people