Diocesan Museum of Santarém

Project: Conservation, restoration and transfer of 3 panels of the Santarém Cathedral

Year: 2015

Location: Santarém

Background: Cathedral and Diocesan Museum of Santarém


Three panels of tiles, inserted in Lot D, located in the cloister or old study courtyard and in the outer courtyard with access to the refectory of  Santarém Cathedral. The panels, which are not signed and dated, are painted in blue on white glaze, characteristic of the great production of the Baroque period (1725-1755).


A museological intervention that included the conservation, restoration and transfer of 3 large panels that were outside the buildings of the Cathedral of Santarém and are now on display in the exhibition circuit of the new Diocesan Museum of that parish. The panels were subject to desalination, gluing, filling, chromatic integration of fills and settlement on a mobile support.

Duration: 7 months

Team: 5 people