Lion’s Yard, Diana´s Yard and Kitchen Maintenance

Project: Rehabilitation of the Lion’s Yard, Diana´s Yard and Kitchen Maintenance of the National Palace of Sintra

Year: 2016/17

Location: Sintra

Background: National Palace of Sintra

Description: The following elements were intervened:

In the Patio do Leão, the coverings with edge tiles in the façades; staircase and benches; plastering of the façades some with sgrafiti elements; stonework of the spans; flooring; scowl; decorative elements in stone and mortar; ceramic drips; spans and shutters in wood and functional hardware.

In Diana’s Patio, ceramic and glazed ceramic floors; parietal coverings in relief tiles; stonework in floors, fountain, staircases, balustrades and staves in the spans; spans in wood; functional hardware and plastering of the elevations.

In Mantearia, floor stonework and spans; plastering; ceramic tile coverings twentieth century; spans; wooden ceiling and trapdoor; functional hardware.

Intervention: Rehabilitation with the purpose of material stabilization, return of aesthetic integrity and integration in the exhibition circuit.

Duration: 6 months

Team: 10 people