Parish Church of Ota

Project: Tile Coating of the Parish Church of Ota

Year: 2016

Location: Ota

Background: Parish Church of Ota

Description: Tile lining of the Parish Church of Ota. The tiles that cover its interior walls – standard silhouettes dating from the 17th century – have two types of 2×2 standardization: diamond tip, referenced by Santos Simões as P-74 and also standard P-385 wrapped by a variation of the frieze (F-2) and by a trim or carpet fence referenced as C-71.


The conservation and restoration intervention included pre-setting of glazing faults and detachment of ceramic body, facing and lifting of tiles; treatment of structural plaster; laying of tiles; filling of expansion joints; volumetric fillings in glazing faults of greater prominence and chromatic integration of fillings.

Duration: 18 months

Team: 7 people