Pena National Palace

Project: Conservation and restoration of Pena National Palace facades

Year: 2014

Location: Sintra

Background: Pena National Palace

Description: Conservation and restoration intervention of about 340m2 of tiles and 1000 m2 of stonework in the main buildings of the Palace. Namely in the following locations:

  • Northwest Facade
  • Sudeste Southeast facade
  • Galilee
  • Iron Door
  • Alhambra Arch
  • Clock Tower
  • Tower wall
  • Terraces


The intervention consisted of reducing the main forms of degradation observed, namely:

  • Biological colonization, more intense in the North side;
  • Absence of drip drips to drain rainwater and various forms of degradation associated with exposure to running water;
  • Occasional infiltration problems in the roof;
  • Open joints;
  • Volumetric gaps;
  • Tiles in the course of detachment;
  • Previous interventions with cementitious mortars;
  • Glaze gaps;
  • Deposition of dirt and concretions;
  • Intense chromatic changes resulting from previous pathologies.

The structural problems encountered were resolved, the following conservation and restoration actions were carried out:

Lifting and laying of tiles previously in the course of detachment; removal of cementitious mortars; cleaning; disinfection; collage of elements; volumetric and surface fillings; joint treatment; chromatic integration of fills; protective layer application.

The work was awarded an Honorable Mention by SOS Azulejo in 2015, in the category “Conservation and Restoration”

Duration: 4 months

Team: 15 people