São Clemente Palace

Project: Conservation and restoration of the tiles and ceramic fountain of the São Clemente Palace

Year: 2011

Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Background: São Clemente Palace

Description: Conservation intervention in the ceramic fountain by the artist Jorge Barradas and the facade panels of the São Clemente palace in Rio de Janeiro, then home to the Consul of Portugal.


The intervention included the following steps: pre-fixation; punctual facing; biocide application; surface cleaning; collage of fragments; fracture filling, molding of elements to be replicated; filling gaps; treatment of plasters in the gap areas; removal of previous interventions; chipping of degraded or inadequate joints; punctual consolidation of cracks; removing stains and concretions; repaints removal; closing joints; application of missing plasters; laying missing tiles; volumetric filling; chromatic integration of fills with material resistant to UV rays.

In this intervention, the test and the pioneering use of some materials stand out, which were necessary to offer durability to the intervention, given the local climate of high temperature and relative humidity. Namely the use of epoxy resins as a binder for pigments in the chromatic integration of glazes and the realization of missing elements with mixed technique performed by molding with polyester and leca.

Duration: 7 months

Team: 3 people