Smoking Room Pena National Palace

Project: Conservation and restoration of the Smoking Room of the Pena National Palace

Year: 2018

Location: Sintra

Background: Pena National Palace


Conservation and restoration of ceilings and walls in decorative plaster; stonework; baseboards; floors; wooden windows and metallic elements.

Intervention: The conservation and restoration intervention included the following actions:

  • collection of samples for stratigraphic analysis;
  • application of facing protector;
  • application of biocide;
  • punctual consolidation;
  • surface cleaning;
  • removal of previous degraded interventions and obsolete functional elements;
  • opening of holes in the walls to place electrical gutters;
  • replica of the missing elements;
  • collage of fragments and replicas;
  • filling in gaps;
  • surface treatment;
  • toning with original color scheme.

Duration: 3 months

Team: 5 people