St. Joseph’s Carpenter Parish Church

Project: Conservation and Restoration Intervention of Tile Panels inside St. Joseph’s Parish Church

Year: 2017/8/9

Location: Lisbon

Background: Church of St. Joseph of the Carpenters

Description: Tile coverings with figurative specimens of the mid century. XVIII, in blue and white tones. On the walls of the nave of the Church are scenes of the life of St. Joseph, namely: Joseph’s Dream; Mary’s Visitation to Elizabeth; Birth of Jesus; Joseph and the boy; Escape to Egypt, death of Saint Joseph, Ascension of Saint Joseph, subtitled in Latin. And also in the Sacristies, in the Table House of the Brotherhood and in the Order House attached to the Church, here also with vegetal motifs, single figures and figurative/narrative compositions.

Intervention: The intervention was carried out in 3 phases between 2017 and 2020 and consisted of conserving the tile panels, namely through the correction of blistering and exchanged tiles, closing of existing gaps and cleaning of glazed surfaces.

Duration: 7 months

Team: 8 people