Trindade Brewery

Project: Conservation and restoration of the tile covering of the interior of Trindade Brewery

Year: 2014

Location: Chiado, Lisbon

Background: Trindade Brewery


Tiled panels of the interior lining of the centenary Cervejaria Trindade restaurant, namely 42 individual panels and 1 ashlar divided into 3 murals, distributed across the 3 rooms of the brewery.


Intervention for the conservation and restoration of tiled walls with the objectives of material stabilization and return of the aesthetic integrity of the ensemble. It mainly included the correction of previous interventions (namely the placement of tiles of different sizes in the same row; disregard of the grating of joints; presence of non-square replicas; non-square hot grafts; decadent and altered restorations), the resolution of problems of adhesion and degradation mortars and the pictorial and chromatic integration of the ensemble.

The entire intervention was carried out during the night in parallel with the functioning of the space, for this it was necessary to build a tubular structure of 5m by 3.7m, watertight to the exit of dust and allowing to perform the most demanding tasks, without compromising the use of space as restaurant.

Duration: 5 months

Team: 8 people