We perform interventions in panels of historical, modernist and contemporary tiles, ceramic floors; architectural and decorative ceramics; ceramic sculptures, which may include:

  • Surface cleaning
  • Cleaning of concrete and hardened deposits;
  • Consolidation of the support and / or ceramic body;
  • Removal of hygroscopic salts;
  • Disinfestation and disinfection;
  • Manufacture of replicas faithful to the original to fill existing gaps;
  • Lifting and assembly of panels, for treatment or in transfers;
  • Filling and integrating gaps to aesthetic integrity;
  • Chromatic and pictorial integration of fills.

We also set up new modern and contemporary tile panels.

We favor the use of traditional materials and techniques, combined with modern materials only where appropriate and in a policy of minimal alteration of the original.

All our interventions are accompanied by graphic and photographic record and in a final technical report.